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At Laya Yoga we believe everyone has a potential to understand themselves through the union of mind, body and soul in relation to the environment. We allow our students to experience yoga through physical postures and beyond, including meditation, mantras, yoga philosophy and mindful movement.

Our studio acknowledges the unique quest in each individual and guides everyone as per their specific needs. We provide personalised attention and customised adjustments to each yogi.

Our passionate teachers are always there to lovingly guide you in your journey of union - YOG.


The studio is closed for in-person classes due to COVID019 restrictions - all classes are running live online.
Same great teachers. Morning and evening every weekday. Twice every weekend.

Live Online Classes

It’s easy and quick to register for live Zoom yoga classes, see: Live Online Yoga Classes.pdf

Want to attend a class but can’t make it? Book in as usual then contact us at least 30 mins before the class to request a recording - this will be available to you for 24 hours.

In-Studio Classes in NEW, BIGGER studio

After restrictions ease, the studio will open with restricted numbers, social distancing and hygienic practices including: regular studio cleaning, sprays and anti-bac, byo mats and props, and distancing between yogis.


  • Intro Pass 15-Days (Great prezzie idea!) $15
  • Casual Class $8
  • 10 Class Pass $70
  • Unlimited 1-month pass $100
  • Unlimited 3-month pass $275

Classeswe are offering

Flow and Align- 60 mins

A very mindful practice where you’d be instructed on alignment as per your body. A delight to beginners and coming home to seasoned practitioners.

Funky Functions- 60 mins

A strong practice focusing on building strength and stamina through functional movements. You might come out of the class feeling connected to muscles and tissues which were long lost. 

Sweet and Sour- 60 mins

Slow Vinyasa practice which gives you enough sweetness and momentum to flow through the asanas yet creating a tangy zest of strength and vitality.

Sweat and Shine- 60 mins

A fast paced practice stimulating your heart and circulation just enough to let you experience a complete cardiovascular movement.

Steamy Detox - 60 mins

Experience the traditional Hatha Yoga postures and pranayama in a heated ambience.

Yin is in- 75 mins

Enjoy the delicious longer supported holds. This yin class aims at stimulating fascial system, connective tissues and ligaments. It opens the path ways for you to find the new dimensions of your brain and body.

Reconnect and Rewire- 40 mins

Looking inwards (to reconnect with self) is the best gift. With our blend of traditional meditation & modern mindfulness techniques, recharge and rewire to unlock the hidden treasures within.

Come on Kids- 50 mins

Young minds hold the power to redefine the future. Our kids yoga program just unleashes their potential through age-old practices delivered in a fun way. 

The Complete Package- 90 mins

A well-crafted fusion practice, which will be hard to resist by yogis. Experience the blend of meditation, Yin, Chanting, Vinyasa and much more..

Specialistsmeet our yoga gurus

Jaymala Sharma

I completed my first yoga teacher training, RYT 250 hr with Evolation. As I regularly continue to be a student of all forms of yoga, teaching is rewarding. At the end of teaching a class, I feel so much joy, knowing I’ve helped someone else feel content and at peace with who they are that day, that time. Mind, Body, Breadth. Slow down and make your class your sanctuary. Love yourself both inside and out – just exactly the way you are.

Catherine Birtchnell

I completed my first yoga teacher training, RYT 250 hr with Evolation. As I regularly continue to be a student of all forms of yoga, teaching is rewarding. At the end of teaching a class, I feel so much joy, knowing I’ve helped someone else feel content and at peace with who they are that day, that time. Mind, Body, Breadth. Slow down and make your class your sanctuary. Love yourself both inside and out – just exactly the way you are.

Katie Beech

Katie is absolutely fascinated by the human body and how it works. Katie has been practising yoga for 17 years and continues to learn and grow within her own practice. Katie believes in living a healthy and balanced life full of love, gratitude and fun. These feelings inform and guide her teaching and practice, which is focused on helping people better connect to themselves and their surroundings.

Victoria Kalow

Vicky has completed her BSc Hons degree in Aromatherapy & Massage in 2009, which led to a career in healthcare working as a Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant and later within the fields of Oncology, Haematology, Stroke & Mental Health Clinical Research.

Vicky teaches her Yin Yoga classes from a Chinese Medicine perspective, while also incorporating the seven main chakras, her Reiki & Aromatherapy training into her classes. Vicky uses essential oils & crystals within each class to support her students energetically, emotionally & mentally, encouraging each student to connect deeper with mind & body.

Peopleexperience with laya

It is an absolute privilege to practise along side such a talented, considered and thoughtful teacher. Jay's method is holistic and empowering and I leave every class with a sense of personal transformation. Her calming nature and unquestionable knowledge has allowed me to embrace yoga but at the same time provided me with movements and postures to enhance my physical and spiritual wellbeing. I highly recommend "Laya Yoga" classes and I genuinely look forward to each opportunity to practise yoga with Jay.  Thank you for the journey so far.

Lolita Nobilo

Jaymala shares wisdom of the ages through her yoga experience. Her inate knowledge and the way she observes students  and accommodates their needs in each class is fantastic. Jay guided me to listen deeply to how yoga can deepen my practic, enabling me to be a better person and heal past trauma. Jay is  dedicated to bringing out the best in your practice whether it be Breathing, Vinyasa, Yin or creative flow. I am blessed to know Jay as a teacher, role model, mentor and now friend who can also guide you to find that part of you that will embrace yoga and find your truth. Namaste

Susan McKee

Jaymala is such a nurturing, caring and inspiring teacher. Her classes are always thoroughly enjoyable and you can tell that she puts a lot of thought and effort into them. Jaymala is a beautiful soul and her teaching is one of a kind, from yogic philosophy to funny jokes in class, she’s fabulous! Thank you Jay.

Amy Thai

Once you walk into one of jay’s classes, you will never look back. Her classes will allow you to experience a new level of yoga. Whilst working on the physical, she draws you into the mindfulness and spirituality with her soothing voice and gentle words, reminding you of the core benefits of yoga. Her way to express each movement brings her understanding of yoga and her experience to the forefront. She has an amazing ability to make you feel each muscle in each pose whilst still having a laugh if you fall out. Jay’s classes will want you to continue a daily practice of yoga and better your body, mind and spirit.

Anne Kwiecinski

I have been taking Jam’s yin classes since last year and if given a choice I’d not miss any class ever! My work schedule revolves around her class and That hour is the best hour of my day. She is an amazing teacher and I feel Regardless of your experience with yoga or belief system you will learn something new in her class. Can’t wait to get back to her classes.

Neetu Gera

Jay is the best yoga instructor I have learned and practiced yoga with. She connects with everyone in class and makes every yogi feel comfortable and modify their posses as per each yogi’s capabilities. Her energy and personality helps each yogi do different poses with ease and as per yogis caliber. Jay keeps the class motivated and enthusiastic.

Jiten Agarwal

I have been attending Jay’s classes for 1.5 years and still find every new class fresh with juicy flows. I always leave the room feeling rejuvenated. Her vinyasa style practice has a nice balance of strengthening and lengthening elements. Her instruction is clear and helpful with body alignment tips. I started yoga with Jay as a beginner and she has helped my practice grow exponentially in both physical and mental state. Thank you jay for all your guidance. I am forever learning from you.

Ruby Lawi

Jay Sharma is a very intuitive yoga teacher. She has a special ability to read what the rooms needs and tailors her postures to those needs. I've never encountered a yoga teacher quite like her.

Beth Jennings

Jay is a kind, humble and beautiful soul – and an incredible yoga teacher. I originally started attending Jay’s classes for flexibility and relaxation, but I got so much more. Every class takes me on a journey and I leave feeling happy, refreshed and reconnected. The love and care Jay puts into her classes shines through on every level. From the thoughtful commentary to the perfect music, the atmosphere she creates is truly special. Thank you, Jay, for your wonderful classes. Your yoga is like no other.

Alicia Kacar

I've attended Jay's classes and have to say I love, love, love them. No two classes are the same and she brings her extensive knowledge and passion to every class. I highly recommend attending one of her classes.

Obu Ramaraj

I started yoga for its many benefits but there was something missing. I had trouble connecting until I met Jam. Her love, passion and dedication helped me find that connection. Soon it became my meditation, my dance;an inexplicable joy. It is where I go for my inner peace. 

Annie Joseph

I am so glad to have found Jay as my yoga instructor! She has an incredible ability to make each class fun and unique. Jay has the ability to meet everyone individual needs, she encourages and helps you accept where you are in your journey from day to day. Jay incorporates strength, flexibility and spirituality into all of her classes. At the end of each class I have always learnt something new, and I feel happy and accomplished. Thanks Jays!

Raelene Deen

Jaymala is a fabulous yoga teacher. She  teaches from the heart and soul. She is driven to contribute to the community and connects soulfully with anyone she comes across. She is a delight to be around as she is so authentic and well connected. Jay is an experienced teacher and loving soul.

Caroline Tang

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